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Free Home Phone Service
Get Clearpoint Telecom’s FREE Home Phone Service with personal phone number, Voice Mail,
Caller ID, Call Forward, Unlimited FREE Outbound & Inbound Local Calling, Unlimited FREE Long
Distance to major cites across Canada and much much more.
$0 /month
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FREE Home Phone Service is Here To Stay
2 Ways to Call From Your Regular Home Phone
Never pay For a Phone Line Again
1. Call From Your Computer
Download our FREE computer phone software, pick and register a number and begin making calls for FREE.

2. Call From Your Regular Home Phone

To call from your regular home phone, you need a SwitchBox® telephone jack to convert your regular phone signal
into a signal that travels well over the internet.

Pay a one-time fee, purchase one of our inexpensive SwitchBox® telephone jacks. Plug it into your high-speed
internet modem, connect your phone, start making calls and never pay for basic phone service again.

It will pay for itself in a matter of months. The service is absolutely FREE.

If you don’t want to purchase a phone jack right now, you can still try the service. Download the computer soft-phone application
to your desktop or portable computer, follow the simple instructions a start making free calls. Use the service for as long as you like.
Then if you feel you are completely comfortable with it, you may purchase one of the One-Time-Charge solutions that best suits
your needs. Then you can use your regular home phone just like you did before.


Connect Your Regular Home Phone & SAVE!
Your Existing
Phone Adapter
Switch From Your Phone Company
The SwitchBox®
Connect All Your Household Phone Jacks

Switch Fron Your Current VoIP Provider

If you are currently calling over
your high-speed connection we
will re-program your existing phone
jack for a low one time fee and
you will never pay for basic phone service again.

  • Easy reset of internet
    phone hardware

  • Replaces any internet-based
    services, such as Vonage®

  • Use any High-Speed Internet Service but why not go with Clearpoint since we are giving
    you phone service for FREE
Special Offer $49.95
(Limited Time Only - Save $50.00!)
Purchase The SwitchBox® phone jack, keep your existing phone number & call from your regular phone. Plug it to your phone & the internet connection then watch
your savings grow
  • Adapter to connects to your
    regular home phone

  • Unit comes ready-to-go

  • Plug it in & call for FREE!

  • Keep your existing
    phone number for FREE!
    ($20 Value)

  • Use any High-Speed Internet Service but why not go with Clearpoint since we are giving
    you phone service for FREE

Special Offer $79.00
(Limited Time Offer - Save $20.00!)

Digital Home Phone
High-Speed Internet Wireless Networking

Everything you need in a single problem free solution. The Thompson 780 has a built in high Speed Internet modem, wireless router and built-in phone jack.

  • Connect your regular
    home phone

  • Includes wireless networking

  • Full technical support

  • Programmed & ready-to-go

  • Keep your existing phone number for FREE!($20 Value)

  • High-Speed Internet
    $34.95 /month


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Dude On Phone Linksys Speedtouch


Get These Features With Your FREE Phone Service
  • No Charge Phone Line

  • Brand New FREE Telephone Number*

  • Unlimited Free Outbound & Inbound Local Calls*:
    Make unlimited calls to and from any local number 24/7. Outbound
    calls Does not include calls to numbers where caller is required
    to pay a fee such as calls to 976 numbers, subscription services,
    or any other similar chargeable service.

  • Unlimited FREE Long Distance To These Major Canadian Cities*
Quebec City
  • Enhanced Voicemail:
    Receive Messages On Your Phone, Personal Computer or
    Via Email – you can change your email setting any time
    to receive messages at home, at the office or while you’re away.

  • Caller ID:
    Allows you to see who is calling before you decide to answer.
    Displays incoming caller phone number on your computer soft-phone.
    If you decide to purchase one of our telephone adapters, Caller ID
    with name and number will be displayed o n your home telephone.
    Must have caller ID compatible phone to display caller information.
  • Call Forward:
    Lets’ you set your soft-phone to forward all calls to whatever phone number you desire. If you decide not to answer all calls will still be forwarded to your free voice mail service.

  • 911 Service:
    Emergency call services are to registered and certified users. A certified user means the phone service provider has been able to verify that all registration information is correct and
    up-to-date at any given time. As a result the 911 call can be routed appropriately to dispatch, and will coincide with your current location.

  • Personal Account:
    Login to your personal account and manage how the service
    works for you.

  • Personal Contact List:
    Manage your personal contacts on your desktop and access
    them from anywhere.

  • Personal Call Logs:
    Keep track of up to 2 months of calls made and access them
    at a touch of a button. You can access completed as well as
    attempted calls.

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*Area codes are available for exchanges within our network coverage area in the following cities.
More cities will be added as they become avaialble:
Port Perry
Quebec City
South Pickering
Port Credit
King City
Fort Erie

Requires High Speed Internet, Free Service Does not Include Broadband ©2008 Clearpoint Telecom
Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Holdings Inc. Clearpoint Telecom is not a reseller on behalf of and is not affiliated in any way with Vonage Holdings Inc.
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