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We Are Giving Away Phone Service For FREE !

Clearpoint Telecom offers a reliable high quality home phone service fro FREE. Keep your existing phone number
and never get a bill for a phone line again.

Add Canada wide long distance for only $3.95 /month and you get one incredible deal.

We can do this because we use the internet to route calls instead of standard phone lines. The service is reliable and the sound quality is amazing. Quite simply, you get clean reliable home phone service with a complete range of features and long distance around the world, at very low rates.

Try it RISK FREE - see below for more details.

Check Mark What is Included?
The basic service is FREE and includes:
  • No Charge Home Phone Line & Number
  • Unlimited Local Calling - inbound and outbound calls
  • Unlimited Long Distance to Major Canadian Cities
  • The following calling features:
       - 911 Emergency Service
       - Caller Display With Caller Name
       - Enhanced Voicemail – Phone & Email
       - Call Forward – Follow-Me Service
       - Secure On-Line Account Management 
       - Other impressive features

Save Over $500 Per Year

Add Unlimited Canada Long Distance – Only $3.95 /Month
It is difficult to make direct comparisons across various phone companies because each company packages their services a little differently. We urge you to visit their web sites and compare. For illustration purposes we have selected basic service packages which include local calling and unlimited long distance across Canada with a similar set of features:

Expected Annual Savings with Clearpoint Telecom
Service Clearpoint Bell Rogers Videotron
Local Calling & Basic
Calling Features
FREE $32.95 $37.95 $32.95
Unlimited LD-Canada* $3.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95
LD Network Access per Month* $0.83 $5.95 $5.95 Imcluded
Monthly Cost $4.78 $51.85 $63.85 $52.90
Annual Cost $57.40 $622.20 $766.20 $634.80
Annual SAVINGS with
Clearpoint Telecom
$564.80 $708.80 $577.40

*Note: to receive unlimited long distance to Canada with all other carriers listed, you must subscribe to unlimited Canada / USA.
An annual $10 network access fee (average 83¢/ month) applies to Clearpoint Telecom long distance packages.

How Can The Service Be So Inexpensive?

FREE services over the Internet are not new today!

Just think of the large search engines like Google, many of the newspaper and social interaction sites all delivering entertainment and information for free. You can get dirving directions, recipes, medical advice, television & radio, free samples, play games, attend courses, even a job – all FREE. And now you can get reliable phone service, including Unlimited Long-Distance across Canada, without restrictions, for only $3.95 per month.

Actually, you don’t even have to take unlimited long-distance. We just bundled it together with the basic FREE service because people could not believe we were giving away phone service for FREE. So we upgraded it by adding Unlimited Long-Distance across Canada and decided to charge $3.95 /month so people would believe us. It’s that simple.

How Do I Get Started?
  1. Download our FREE phone software
  2. Register your number
  3. Start making calls for FREE

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    There is no cost to use the service. Try it for as long as you like. Later on, if you want to connect your regular phones, you can do it with one of our inexpensive SwitchBox® devices.

What is Not Included with the Service?

The basic service is FREE - choose any of the following options:

  • Optional - $3.95 /month –Unlimited Canada Wide Long-Distance (outside of major Canadian cities)
    used for illustration purposes above
  • Optional - $20.00 one-time administration fee to transfer & keep your current number
    (keep your existing phone number for FREE with hardware purchase)
  • Optional - Use your regular home phone – as low as $50.00 – includes keeping your
    existing phone number – A $20.00 Savings)
  • Optional High Speed Internet Service – available at $34.95 / month - you may keep your
    existing service however we encourage you to combine your services and benefit from additional savings.
  • Other optional long distance plans featuring some of the lowest long distance rates in the country.

How Do I Connect My Home Phone Jacks To The Internet?

To do this you need one of our inexpensive SwitchBox® devices or wireless modem routers.

Our phone line devices come set-up and ready to go. You connect the device between your phone and internet line, and start making calls to family and friends for FREE.

You will make and receive calls on your regular home phone just as you did before. You get a dial tone when you pick up the receiver. When someone calls, the phone rings like it did before. The sounds quality is the same but thebasic service is FREE. You can save about $500 per year.

If you already have a similar device, we can re-program it for about $50. Once your are connected, there
is nothing else to pay. You will not get a bill for your phone line, basic service or long distance to major cities across

Connect Your Cordless Phone
The SwitchBox® is also known as an ATA (analog telephone adaptor). The SwitchBox® can be purchased for a one time fee of about $80 and will pay for itself in a couple of months. The SwitchBox® changes the signal from your regular home phone to the type of signal that travels well over the internet. This lets you use your regular home phone to make calls.

Connect Your Home Phone Jacks
To connect all of the jacks in your house, you need to purchse the Thompson 780 Wirelsee Router. The device can be purchased for a one time fee of about $199 and again, it will pay for itself in several months. This lets you use your regular home phone while it is connected to your regular roomjacks. This way you can call from any "wired" phone in the house.

For information on Connectivity Products
Long Distance Canada


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Still Can’t Believe It’s FREE - Your Not Alone!
Try it for as long as you like. This is the only way we can convince you.
Use it to make as many calls as you like, for as long as you like for FREE.
It is absolutely
FREE with no strings attached.

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