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Features Page

People often ask why should I try Clearpoint Telecom. The main reason is that there is absolutely nothing to loose. The service is FREE,
you can try it for as long as you like and if you would like to activate your regular home phones or sign-up for our extremely low cost long distance services or high speed Internet service, you can do that later.

Free Basic Phone Service Features
  • No Charge Phone Line:
    You will receive a new no-cost phone line with the features listed below. You may use it on a personal computer or purchase
    one of our adaptors to connect your regular home phone. Regardless of which option you choose, with Clearpoint Telecom you
    will not pay for basic phone service again.
  • Brand New FREE Telephone Number*:
    Service comes with a brand new home or business telephone number. You may also keep your existing phone number for a
    nominal one time charge (see below). Whichever way you decide to go, great savings are in store as you will not have to pay
    for basic phone service.
  • Unlimited Free Outbound & Inbound Local Calls*:
    Make unlimited calls to and from any local number 24/7. Outbound calls Does not include calls to numbers where caller is
    required to pay a fee such as calls to 976 numbers, subscription services, or any other similar chargeable service.
  • Take It With You:
    Make calls while you travel, visit friends, go to the cottage or if you move. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection,
    you can take your home phone number with you to make and receive calls - either from your portable computer or standard telephone.
    Too make calls on any regular phone, just bring your phone adaptor, plug it into your high-speed connection and start making calls – it’s that easy.

  • Unlimited FREE Long Distance To These Major Canadian Cities*

    Toronto London Oshawa
    Vancouver Hamilton St-Catherines
    Montreal Kitchener-Waterloo Cooksville
    Calgary Ottawa Exeter
    Edmonton Quebec City Brampton
    Winnipeg Halifax  
  • Enhanced Voicemail:
    Receive Messages On Your Phone, Personal Computer or Via Email – you can change your email setting any time
    to receive messages at home, at the office or while you’re away.
  • Caller ID:
    Allows you to see who is calling before you decide to answer. Displays incoming caller phone number on your computer soft-phone.
    If you decide to purchase one of our telephone adapters, Caller ID with name and number will be displayed o n your home telephone.
    Must have caller ID compatible phone to display caller information.
  • Follow Me - Call Forward:
    Lets’ you set your soft-phone to forward all calls to whatever phone number you desire. If you decide not to answer all calls will still be
    forwarded to your free voice mail service.
  • 911 Service:
    Emergency call services are to registered and certified users. A certified user means the phone service provider has been able to verify
    that all registration information is correct and up-to-date at any given time. As a result the 911 call can be routed appropriately to dispatch,
    and will coincide with your current location.
  • Personal Account:
    Login to your personal account and manage how the service works for you.
  • Personal Contact List:
    Manage your personal contacts on your desktop and access them from anywhere.
  • Personal Call Logs:
    Keep track of up to 2 months of calls made and access them at a touch of a button. You can access completed as well as attempted calls.

Optional Features:
  • Highspeed Internet Service:
    High-Speed Internet is available to find out more
    Internet Service
  • Internet Telephone Adaptors and Routers:
    These one-time-charge devices come fully programmed so all you have to do is plug them in and start making free calls.
    They are compact, very reliable and will pay for themselves in a matter of months.

    These adaptors act like your very own phone switch. They convert your regular telephone signal into digital information
    so you can make phone calls with your regular phone over a high-speed internet connection. To find our more for more information.
    click here
  • Desktop Phone Number Portability:
    keep your existing phone number and have it transferred to the Clearpoint Telecom network. If you purchase one of our telephone
    adaptors or routers to activate your home telephones, number portability is included. Otherwise, there is a nominal one-time fee of only $19.95.
  • International Long Distance:
    Your clearpoint Telecom service already comes with free Canadian long distance calling to major cities. If you regularly call outside of
    these areas, you can benefit from our incredibly low unlimited fixed monthly rate plan – Unlimited calling in Canada for only $3.95 per month
    or our flat rate of only 2¢ per minute. There are no minimums or hidden charges on any of our long distance plans. We even offer very low cell phone long distance. For information on these and other plans.
    long distance
  • Flat Rate Long distance:
    If there are cities that you wish to cal within Canada that are currently not covered for free we offer flat rate packages to Canada,
    plus Canada, USA and 50 International countries. To find out more.
    Long Distance
  • 911 Service:
    Make emergency calls from your computer desktop or regular phone. *Placing emergency calls will also work from your home phones if you selected to have your home phones activated with us.*You must be a certified user for 911 service to be active. To learn more:
    Long Distance

Advantages of Using Clearpoint Telecom
  • Free Service:
    Clearpoint Telecom is dedicated to providing free phone service for every Canadian home or business.
    There are no contracts or commitments.
  • Keep your existing number:
    Keeping your existing number is easy. Simply tell us what number you want and we do the rest. The process is so smooth, there is
    no interruption of service and you won’t even know when it happened.
  • Unlimited Free Long Distance:
    As a Clearpoint Telecom subscriber, you can make unlimited FREE long distance calls to any on-network number in major centers
    across Canada. For a list of Free Long Distance Cities
  • Incredible Long Distance Rates:
    Whether you car calling off-network in North America or the world, Clearpoint telecom offer some of the flexible and most cost effective
    long distance rates in the country. With programs designed to suit any caller profile you will be hard pressed to find rates that are any lower.
  • Independent Telecom Network:
    We offer services on our own 100% Canadian owned independent national telecom network, which is dedicate to providing
    clean dependable service to our clients.
  • Full Service Provider:
    Harmonize your service with high-speed internet and phone service in one. This way you can be assured of the highest degree
    of reliability and uninterrupted service.
  • Choose your area code:
    Clearpoint telecom is flexible and allows you to choose the area code you want from our list of on-network area codes.
    For instance if you live in Montreal and would like a number from around Toronto, the option is up to you
  • Take It With You:
    Take your home phone with you wherever you go. If you travel, go to the country or move, you can take your number with you.
    All you have to do is take your phone switch to your new address and plug it into your high-speed Internet connection and you’re done.
  • No-Risk Money Back Guarantee:
    If you decide to purchase any of our phone adapters or internet routers, your purchase is backed by our no-questions-asked
    unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase simply return it within 30 days and we will be
    glad to refund the purchase price without question.

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