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What is Clearpoint Telecom offering for FREE?
What is FREE is a real home phone line replacement. You have the choice to either download our desktop computer phone to receive/place calls or you can also have your everyday home phones activated. With either option you will never receive a phone bill again. The service is provided by a Canadian Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and all calls are placed over it’s own national infrastructure.
How Can I Switch From My Internet Phone Provider & Save?
If you are currently subscribed to a similar service such as Vonage and are paying a monthly fee, you can switch to Clearpoint Telecom and never pay for basic phone service again. We can re-program your existing phone adapter and you will be up and running in no time. Best of all, you will benefit from our free long distance and never receive a bill for basic phone service.
Which cities in Canada can I call for free?
We are providing unlimited free long distance to most major cities in Canada. These free cities include; Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton/Burlington, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver along with all towns that are a local call to these cities.
What about long distance calling to the rest of Canada?
If you need to call to a city that is not included in your free calling we provide unlimited long distance to anywhere in Canada for only $3.95 a month. for more information on long distance calling
Long Distance Canada
911 service?
Your phone line is a real home phone line replacement and calling 911 is available through our services. However, you must be a certified
user for 911 to be activated. A certified user means we are able to verify that all your sign up information is indeed correct.
To find out more about 911 service
Long Distance Canada
Can I call to the USA and around the world?
Yes, we have the most inexpensive international rates.
To view our international rates

Long Distance Canada
Do I need to dial access numbers, use a password or PIN numbers to make calls?
No just dial as you normally do!
Can I make calls and surf the web at the same time ?
Yes, you can do both activities at the same time without any decrease in the quality of service.
How do I signup and how long does it take to get service?
DOWNLOAD NOW , follow the instructions, choose the services you want and you are ready to start calling.
If you want to activate your normal home phones
Long Distance Canada

What do I need to make calls?
Using our computer desktop phone you require a headset, microphone and high-speed Internet connection.
To activate your normal home phones you need High speed Internet and an Analog Telephone adaptor/router.
Long Distance Canada
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Can I make calls using a regular phone?
Yes, we allow you to activate your normal every day home phones. You will require High-speed Internet access and also an Analog Telephone adaptor/router. We can take care of all the arrangements and make it an easy seamless activation process for you. We recommend using our
High-speed Internet service so that we can better manage call quality. Once your home phones are activated you will never receive a home
phone line bill again.
Can the people I call overseas call me back for free?
Not at this time, however this is a service we will be launching soon. Check back for details.
What’s next?
We want to provide free home phone lines for everyone in Canada. Subscribing to our High-speed DSL service also allows us to continue
research and development, which includes IPTV (Television over Internet), which will be at a fraction of the cost the cable companies, are charging.
What is an ATA?
ATA is an acronym for Analog Telephone Adaptor. This small device sits between your home phone and the phone jack on the wall.
The device converts your analog voice into digital packets.
Long Distance Canada
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What is DSL?
DSL is an acronym for Digital Subscriber line. Clearpoint Telecom delivers High-speed Internet over DSL to your home.
We recommend you use our DSL service (high speed internet service) so that we can manage your call quality for phone calling.
Long Distance Canada
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Do I have to purchase your high speed internet service to receive a free phone line?
No, as our desktop computer phone works with any High-speed connection you have. However, by subscribing to our High-speed service we are able to manage your account and call quality between your house and our network. If you wish to have your home phones activated we strongly recommend you use one of our home phone solutions.
Long Distance Canada
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Is my personal information protected?
Absolutely, we take great measures to protect your personal information. However, this is a personal home phone line replacement and we must share certain aspects of your information with 911 Emergency operators if needed.
Does your computer desktop phone affect my computer negatively?
No, our Desktop phone application sits on your desktop and can be used, as you like by maximizing the application.
May I use different client (hardware or software) with my phone number?
We can support Analog Telephone Adapters now; the process is manual and takes a couple emails back and forth and a phone call to get setup.
We will have a sing up page soon to add functionality like this in near future.
I can't dial some cities listed in the available destinations. I get the "transferred" or "failed" error. What is the problem?
If you haven't set the correct dialling rules on your Clearpoint Telecom application, please add the "1" (country code) as prefix to the number you are dialling.
I've got "No connection to the server", what is the problem?
We need to know if this problem occurs every time when you start your phone software. Please, restart your software several times and check to see if the problem persists. If so press "test connection" button. Then you could define the real problem. After undertaking these steps, please send us the results of your diagnostic test.
What ports do I need to open on my Firewall or Router to use the application?
Please make sure your Firewall or Router have the following ports available to use the Phone application: 6060 6061 13000 13001
Is the Follow Me feature supported when using a US-number as a Follow Me Number?
Sorry, but this feature is not yet available.
How to check my voice mail? Is there an option to check it from other place?
There are three ways to check for voice mail. You can do this with the desktop application by pressing the voice mail button; if you are using a regular phone by pressing *98. Just follow the instructions. You can forward your voicemail to your email account and review it there as well.
Can I receive a bill at the address I indicate during my registration?
No, you won't receive any bill for registering a Clearpoint Telecom account and using it. You will only receive a bill if you have signed up for additional services or features.

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