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Clearpoint Telecome Product Page
Make the best of your Internet connection. Choose from the simple SwitchBox for 1 & 2 line applications or select the All-In-One solution combining high speed internet, wireless networking and telephone in a single easy to use configuration. All units come Clearpoint Telecom enabled so you don’t have
to do anything more than plug them in, and start surfing or making calls.

The SwitchBox®

Your Portable Home Phone Switch
Feature-Rich Telephone Service Through Your Internet Connection
Plug it Into Any High Speed Internet Line and Bring Your Home Phone With You

Turn your existing Internet connection into a high-quality high-value telephone service. Just plug
it into your internet modem or router and you’re ready to make high quality phone calls just like
you did before.

Connect to Any Standard Touch Tone Home Telephone

Two standard telephone jacks let you connect your existing phones or fax machines. Each phone jack operates independently, with separate phone service and phone numbers. Get clear telephone reception and reliable fax connections, even while using the Internet at the same time for normal data operations.

  • Enables feature-rich telephone service over your cable or DSL Internet connection
  • Reliable phone service on your regular phone with all calling features for FREE
  • High quality, clear sounding voice service simultaneous with Internet use
  • Compatible with all common telephone features: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, etc.
  • Configuration, shipping & handling not included
  • Measures 4" x 4" x 1".
Special Offer $79.00
(Limited Time Only - Save $20.00!)

Keep Your Existing
Phone number For FREE

Re-Program Your Exisiting Telephone Adapter

Switch From Your Current Internet Phone Company
And Never Pay For Basic Phone Service Again

 If you are currently calling over your braodband connection we will re-program you existing phone  jack for a low one time fee and you will never pay for basic phone service again

Connect to Any Standard Touch Tone Home Telephone
  • Includes easy reset of existing
    internet phone hardware
  • Replaces any internet-based phone
    services, such as Vonage®
  • Use any High-Speed Internet Service but why not
    go with Clearpoint since we are giving you phone service for FREE
Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Holdings Inc. Clearpoint Telecom is not a reseller on behalf of and
is not affiliated in any way with Vonage Holdings Inc.
Happy girl
Special Offer $49.95
(Limited Time Only - Save $50.00!)

High Speed DSL Router

Why Not Give Your High-Speed Internet To Clearpoint Telecom
Afterall We Are Giving You Feature Rich Phone Service For Free

Unit provides unmatched peace-of-mind to those looking for a simple and flexible Internet Modem/Router without compromising on performance and security.

  • High-Speed Internet with Back-up Dial Account
  • Comes Pre-configured - Plug It In & Start Surfing
  • Powerful Fully Integrated Security Firewall
  • Works With Any Operating System
  • Receive Clean Full Speed High-Speed 24 /7
  • Shiping & Handling Not Included


Thomson 516

Only $79.00

Price includes
full activationand technical support
High-Speed Internet Access $34.95 /Month

Connect All Your Home Phone Jacks & Call From Any Room
Phone, High Speed Internet and Wireless Networking All In One

Performs the funciton of Telephone Adapter,
High-Speed Internet Modem and Wireless Networking in a single compact problem free solution. Ideal for both residential and small office applications.

Activates All Your Home Phone Jacks So You Can Use Any Regular Phone In Your Home or Small Office

  • High-Speed Access & Back-Up Dial Account
  • Feature Rich Phone Service for FREE
  • Integrated Wireless Networking
  • Clean Full Speed High-Speed 24/7


DSL Router DSL Router

Only $199.95
High-Speed Internet Access $34.95 /Month

Requires High Speed Internet, Free Service Does not Include Broadband ©2008 Clearpoint Telecom Tell a Friend
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