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About us page

Clearpoint Telecom is Canada’s newest most innovative broadband telephone company. Our goal is to show every Canadian that there is a better way to stay in touch. We do this by delivering FREE RELIABLE basic home phone service, highly competitive Internet access and extremely low cost long distance service to residential and business customers across the country.

Our innovative technology and 100% Canadian owned national telecom network allows us to provide you with reliable feature-rich telephone service on your regular telephone handset or personal computer over almost any broadband internet connection.

Our one-time-fee equipment purchase options provide you with clear, dependable service that pays for itself in a matter of months. We offer both residential and business packages, each with the same set of high standards for reliability and quality of service.

With Clearpoint Telecom, you will never receive a bill for having a home or business phone line or basic phone service again.
Whether you use our service on a regular handset or on your personal computer, you can choose to receive a brand new telephone number or keep your existing phone number. Included with the service is unlimited free local calling, free long distance to major cities across Canada, caller ID, enhanced voice mail and a smart call forwarding feature we simply call our “follow me” service.

What’s the Catch – There is no catch!
At Clearpoint Telecom there are no gimmicks, hidden fees or slippery slopes to climb. We simply want to provide FREE basic phone service to every Canadian. Give us a try and tell us what you think. Then tell your friends and help us change the communication landscape for many years to come.

Requires High Speed Internet, Free Service Does not Include Broadband ©2008 Clearpoint Telecom Tell a Friend
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