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Emergency 911 Services

Please read the information below about 911 Emergency Service Carefully

By using or paying for any of the services provided by Clearpoint Telecom, you hereby acknowledge and agree to all of the information below regarding the limitations of using the 911 dialing service on with Clearpoint Telecom. You thereby acknowledge and understand; that this communication service does offers a basic 911 type service, and that it is understood that the 911 dialing service available differs in important respects from traditional 911 services, as described below. You hereby agree to advise all persons of the
911 dialing limitations; who may have access to place calls over the Clearpoint Telecom service, from the specified location at which you have installed it, this is to include any members of your family, friends and third party users.

  • 911 emergency dialing services can be made readily available with and only with a certified Clearpoint Telecom account.

  • In order to be able to use the 911 dialing services in cases of emergency you must be registered as a certified user. A certified user means Clearpoint Telecom can
    and will be able to verify that all registration information is correct and up-to-date at any given time. As a result the 911 dialed call can be routed appropriately to dispatch, and will coincide with your current location. The 911 dialed calls will end up with a dispatcher who will be located at either the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)
    or will be routed to the local emergency service personnel center, which is selected based upon the address you listed at the time you subscribed and/or updated for the Clearpoint Telecom service.

  • Clearpoint Telecom’s 911 dialing service will not function in the event of a Gateway failing or is not configured correctly or if your Clearpoint Telecom service is not functioning for any reason, including, but not limited to, in the event of a power outage, broadband service outage, or suspension or disconnection of your service
    because of billing issues. If there is a power outage, you may be required to reset or reconfigure the gateway prior to being able to use the service, including
    911 dialing purposes.

  • 911 dialing will not function correctly if you move your gateway to a location other than that provided to Clearpoint Telecom at the time you activated the service. In such
    event, in order to have 911 calling routed correctly, you must update your service address at the Clearpoint Telecom web site. At which time the 911 dialing ability will
    be re-enabled.

  • The PSAP or local emergency service dispatcher receiving your 911 call through the service may not be able to capture and/or retain automatic number of location information. Meaning that the dispatcher may not know the phone number or the actual physical location of the person who is making the 911 call. Therefore, if you dial 911 using the 911 dialing service, you must immediately inform the dispatcher of your exact location (or the location of the emergency, if different). You must also ensure not to disconnect the line, as the dispatcher may not have a phone number to use to call you back. You must not hang up until you are told to do so by the dispatcher. If you are inadvertently disconnected you must call back immediately. If you are unable to speak and describe your location, the emergency dispatcher may not be able to locate you. If you dial 911 and hang up the receiver, your call will be disconnected.

  • For technical reasons associated with the possibility of network congestion, with the Clearpoint Telecom service, there is a possibility that your 911 call will produce a busy signal or will take longer to answer, as compared to traditional 911 calls.

  • You acknowledge and understand that Clearpoint Telecom will not be liable for any service outage and/or inability to dial 911 using your service or to access emergency service personnel due to the 911 dialing characteristics and limitations listed herein. You also agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Clearpoint Telecom, its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, agents and any other service provider who furnishes services to you in connection with the service, from any and all claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties and costs (including solicitor’s fees) by, or on behalf of, you or any third party or user of the service relating to the failure or outage of the service, including those related to 911 dialing.

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